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About The Investory

My name is Or Yochanan. I am a Computer Engineer, Real Estate Investor, and an entrepreneur who has spearheaded financial education initiatives. As a licensed real estate agent, I primarily focus on the North Austin area.

Using a data driven approach, I am able to utilize my unique skill set and educational abilities in order to help other investors maximize their potential.

I became motivated to share my knowledge out of a desire to help others avoid common pitfalls and to create a platform which will allow people who are considering investing in the Austin area to make informed, safe decisions.

What we offer

A premium one-stop shop

No matter what you need, we've got you covered. Receive comprehensive, high quality service, all done in house.

Investment mentorship

Learn from a pro and utilize our wealth of knowledge to ensure you make safe, high yield investments.

Precision real estate service

Don't use a realtor who will play games. We are up front, professional, and highly experienced.

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Read the reviews

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out what our clients and partners have to say about working with the Investory.

Whether you are a seasoned investor or a total newbie Or will adjust according to your knowledge and the help you need - something quite rare these days. Or is very pleasant to work with, takes care of everything and always has great advice and is very patient. Unlike other people that try to make you dependent on them Or will be happy to give you the tools to make you successful.
Daniel C
Overall we were very happy with the service Or provided. This is the first ever time we purchased a property so had a lot of questions about the process. Or was always available and consulted on any matter. Since we do not live in Austin (lived in Seattle when we made the purchase and now in Israel) it was very important to us to make this investment with someone we can trust and that knows the area well. Or is definitely living up to these standards. He is hardworking, smart, and transparent. We keep asking him how he can do such a good job alongside a full-time day job.
Maayan and Dan
We have no doubt that the service we received from Or was worth every penny. He performed the initial screening of properties, which saved us a lot of time, explained everything over the phone, again and again with a lot of patience. His outputs were precise and to the point. He didn't waste us any time. He even went to look at properties for us. We are very pleased with the properties we purchased with Or. We feel that we made the right decisions and also learned a lot in the process. We highly recommend Or as a consultant and a real estate agent who is reliable, brilliant and hard working.
Over the years we've talked to a few professionals in the space but didn't feel that they understand our concerns and can help with what we need. I should say that we are extremely busy with our full time jobs + 3 kids. Or and Gal were able to step in and build that trust with us, address the concerns, and with a lot of patience and understanding explain the steps, the options, the considerations, and then all over again after a couple of weeks since we forgot... In the process we've learned a lot, and still are learning every week.
If you need an agent that will listen to your needs, who will advise, calculate, analyze, and negotiate for you . Or, hands down. Above all expectations. Or's purchase experience was exceptionally good, Or just gets it. Numbers, strategy and tactics, always replies, call back and kept an open channel of communication. We really liked Or 🙂

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Read about some past real estate investment work we have done. Complete with information on things to know, important investment lessons, and some interesting anecdotes.